The Bullish Charles Leaver on Cybersecurity

July 15, 2017
When looks back at Charles Leaver’s tech career, which stretches all the way back to 1982, it is easy to understand why Charles Leaver was chosen to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of cybersecurity giant Ziften and also why he has been so successful with that company. Even before he was chosen CEO, he spent time as that company’s Chairman. Over such a long career, before the Internet and before the cybersecurity field, Charles Leaver can be seen as a pioneer of sorts.

Chuck Leaver has experience in almost every area of tech, including time as an entrepreneur and a senior executive, as well as stints in sales and management, as well as time as an advisor in many tech sectors, including the lucrative mobile and media sectors. Before Ziften, he was a Partner with Trellis Partners, a venture capital firm in Austin, Texas, but his experience is such that he is extremely skilled and he understands all aspects of tech and cyber security, especially with regard to application software and infrastructure technologies, E-Learning, and Gaming.